Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) and support platform. Service Cloud is based on a sales cloud that enables users to automate service processes and streamline workflows. Service Cloud helps businesses generate leads, opportunities, and sales.

Features Of Service Cloud

Lightning Service Console

Improve agent productivity by giving them a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of clients with the next-generation agent experience, which puts all information at their fingertips.

Case Management

Resolve cases faster with a full view of each customer interaction on one dashboard with the intelligence of omnichannel routine.

Workflow and Automation

Workflow allows to customize and automate any customer service or approval procedure with drag-and-drop ease.

Asset and Order Management

Track Customers' assets, orders, support history, and other information in one place for a complete picture of their activity.

Telephony Integration

Integrate with the most widely used CTI systems. When consumers call, take notes right away and manage calls from the console without having to touch the phone.

Social Customer Service

Communicate and reply on the go to customers on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Platform Advantage

Provide Outstanding Customer Service from The Beginning

Salesforce Service Cloud is the state of the art for integrated, powerful software that helps customer service departments operate more efficiently. The benefits of its out-of-the-box usability revolve around your team's ability to work more efficiently right away.

Reduce Customer Service Team’s Workload

Assign the best rep to each inquiry, thanks to Omni routing. Train reps on the go by observing performance data and have them train others. Equip agents with the right technology to enable them to delight customers by scheduling and routing tasks to the most suitable agents.

Easy Sharing Information Between Departments and Users

Maintain a healthy workload for everyone. Easily train customers via private messages. Let your co-workers know about your availability. Make every interaction seamless and personalized by keeping all data accessible to every customer.

Work From Any Location

Keep mobile employees updated with apps to get the job done right. It’s a cloud, you can log in from anywhere, which means handling customer service requests right away from the mobile.

Business Impact

Automated customer service

  • Automate entire workflows, from the simplest tasks such as email or calendar notifications to complex business applications
  • Reach out to customers promptly and through methods, they prefer by sending emails, scheduling calls, and following other activities on their behalf

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Service

Allow your team to communicate with customers via a variety of platforms and successfully respond to their questions.

Efficient Business Operation

Service cloud tools allow to share resources information, automate repeating processes, store and manage data efficiently and serve better to customers thus efficient business operation and more revenue generation.

Options To Upgrade and Ready for Competition

Salesforce essentials provide unmatched advantage even to small businesses or start-ups over competitors. Upgrades to higher plans with additional features when needed.

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