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Effective healthcare management is a result of fostering meaningful relationships and bringing together patients, care providers, employees, members, and partners via concerted and timely access to information and communications over time.
Salesforce Health Cloud is an amalgam of proven industry know-how and healthcare technology that brings relevant data and real-time analytics at the stakeholders’ fingertips, enabling creation of seamless healthcare journeys across touchpoints. Discover more here.

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Salesforce Health Cloud provides a unified platform for managing patient data, enabling providers to access comprehensive, real-time patient information, which enhances care coordination and decision-making. The platform also promotes patient engagement through personalized communication, EHR data integration, and self-service options, leading to improved satisfaction and adherence to treatment plans.

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Insurers need to streamline their operations for managing policyholder information, claims processing, and underwriting to foster meaningful relationships. Health Cloud's robust analytics and reporting capabilities help insurers gain insights into their policyholders' health and behavior, allowing for more informed collaboration, risk assessment, and pricing. Additionally, it supports better member experience by facilitating personalized communication and proactive health management.

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Pharma biotech

Health Cloud simplifies analyzing critical data related to clinical trials, drug development, and regulatory compliance, accelerating time-to-market for new drugs and therapies. The platform’s analytics capabilities enable pharmaceutical companies to gain insights into market trends, patient populations, and treatment outcomes, helping them make data-driven decisions and refine patient support programs.

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Medical devices

Health Cloud unifies the medical device lifecycle, from research and development to sales and support, enhancing collaboration and enabling companies to build and maintain strong relationships with healthcare providers, distributors, and end-users. Accessible insights help optimize their operations, enhance customer relationships, and drive innovation in a highly regulated and competitive industry.

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