Sumeru, a digital marketing strategy firm, is dedicated to sustainable practices and aims to achieve zero waste to landfills. This policy outlines strategies to integrate waste reduction, sustainable procurement, internal reuse initiatives, recycling efforts, and emission reductions into the company’s operations.

Waste Reduction Strategies

  1. Conduct regular waste audits to identify areas for reduction.
  2. Minimize single-use items and promote reusable alternatives.
  3. Implement digital documentation and reduce paper usage.
  4. Optimize inventory management to minimize excess materials.

Sustainable Procurement Practices

  1. Prioritize suppliers with sustainable practices and eco-friendly packaging.
  2. Establish procurement guidelines for environmentally friendly sourcing.
  3. Encourage the use of recycled or recyclable materials in marketing materials.

Internal Reuse Initiatives

  1. Set up a system for sharing office supplies and equipment.
  2. Promote the reuse of packaging materials and containers.
  3. Implement a system for refurbishing and repurposing electronic devices.

Recycling Efforts

  1. Provide comprehensive recycling bins for various waste streams.
  2. Educate employees on proper sorting and recycling procedures.
  3. Partner with recycling facilities for efficient waste management.

Emission Reduction Measures

  1. Optimize transportation routes to minimize fuel consumption.
  2. Invest in energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.
  3. Encourage telecommuting and virtual meetings to reduce travel emissions.

Employee Engagement and Continuous Improvement

  1. Launch awareness campaigns and training sessions on waste prevention.
  2. Recognize and reward employees for innovative sustainability ideas.
  3. Foster a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.


This policy outlines Sumeru’s commitment to waste prevention and sustainability, aiming to achieve zero waste to landfills while enhancing the customer experience.