Business Process
Outsourcing & Consulting


How we do it

Our IPO solution model

Our Integrated Product Offering (IPO) is a unique combination of Process Consulting, Technology Expertise and Outsourced Process Management – All three being areas which Sumeru has wide-ranging expertise. We leverage the latest in technology, domain and process expertise to create efficient, effective end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Process Re-engineering

We incorporate Six Sigma-based re-engineering of the client's existing business processes in order to eliminate any redundancies or overlaps. We make processes leaner and reduce TATs.

Leveraging Technology & Domain Expertise

Sumeru's experienced tech team leverages the latest in technology to improve the results of our clients' business processes. Our solutions involve extensive automation of processes and a strong MIS engine so that key process parameters are made visible to relevant stakeholders.

Process Management

Sumeru provides end-to-end management solutions for our client's business processes, adhering to strict SLA guidelines. Taking charge of our clients' non-core areas allows clients to focus resources on their core competencies thereby improving their business performance. Our model encourages business scalability, allowing for future business expansion without needing to take on additional staff.


How you benefit

Improve your topline, bottomline and cash position

  • Fully Managed Solutions – Better focus on core competencies Sumeru's end-to-end solutions allow our clients to focus on key priorities while leaving the management of non-core business processes to us. This empowers our clients to respond with agility to today's dynamic business environment. We leverage our proven expertise in managing SLA driven business processes to deliver transformational business value to our clients.
  • Scalable solutions – Delinking cost to volumes Our unique solution model significantly delinks process opex from volumes allowing our clients to hold cost without compromising on growth.
  • Enhanced Visibility – Strong Analytics and BI engine Our Solutions leverage Sumeru's technology DNA to build strong MIS engines in each of our Solutions. This allows our Clients to make more Informed and Timely decisions – both a must for success in today's competitive environment.
  • Tight controls – Leak proof processes Sumeru brings together Process and Controls experts to offer water-tight solutions for our clients. Our experience in the BPM space allows us to recommend controls without compromising on other key success factors. We constantly monitor process controls and build in more proactively as we go along.
  • Opex optimization – Creating a significant cost arbitrage Cost optimization is the key to competitiveness in today's business environment. Sumeru's team of Six Sigma and Technology experts collaborate to create significant productivity arbitrage for the processes clients engage us on. This combined with Sumeru's optimal cost operations provides our clients with an unmatched cost proposition.