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How we do it

Full spectrum of Information Security Solutions

While Information Security is at the core of our business, we have tailored our services with our customer's business priorities as the core. Our delivery methodologies are tuned to:
  • Carrying out in-depth analysis of target Information asset to identify maximum possible vulnerabilities.
  • Quantifying impact to the organizaion's business in terms of loss of revenue or productivity or reputation by exploiting a vulnerability in technology or processes.
  • Suggesting practical remediation measures to the customer organisation.
  • Supporting customers during remediation and helping in identifying alternatives if needed.
  • Validating remedial measures implemented by the customer.
  • Generating timely, high quality deliverables that provide needed inputs to decision makers, business leaders and technology owners.

Our team consists of innovative and talented professionals with excellent credentials in their area of specialization. They are regular contributors at various forums, communities and conferences.

Based on the above methodology, Sumeru offers a range of Information Security Consulting and Assessment services as below: Consulting services include:
a) Business Relevance and Impact analysis
b) Supplier / Vendor/ Business Partner security compliance analysis
c) ISO 27001 Readiness assessment and implementation
d) ISO 27001 compliance management and re-certification
e) Data leakage prevention Consulting and implementation
f) Security awareness training
Assessment services include: A) Security assessment of
    Applications which includes
  • Comprehensive VA / PT (privileged, unprivileged, whitebox, blackbox)
  • Secure code review
  • Threat modelling
  • Year round security assurance and advisory service
    Infrastructure which includes
  • Comprehensive VA/PT of servers, network devices, storage devices and peripherals (whitebox, blackbox)
  • Network architecture review for security
  • Year round security assurance and advisory service
B) Forensic analysis C) Training in technical security analysis skills for IT and audit teams

How you benefit

Your trusted partner

  • Better prioritisation of security investments by management: With adequate description of business impacts of security vulnerabilities, Management teams are better equipped to prioritise adequate investments for securing their business.
  • Simpler prioritization of remediation for inhouse IT custodians: Inhouse IT teams can also prioritize remediation of security vulnerabilities based on impact to business rather than cost or availability of in-house talent.
  • Value for money: By choosing an offshore delivery model, customers are assured of significantly greater value for their money
  • Confidence and Trust: You will be more confident at conducting business across geographies resulting in greater trust value of your services and products as compared to your competition.